Co-living: the new trend

In urban places where finding an affordable decent living space with sociable housemates have become a problem, co-living has offered a solution. Once an emerging concept, co-living is now a sought-after space by like-minded people.

Co-living is a concept associated with sharing a living space with inspiring and purpose-driven. Most of the time it’s a serviced building or a house that offers shared amenities for people renting the rooms. Yes, it sounds like renting a house with your friends, which is one of its points.

It sounds perfect, right? Living with people who are as driven as you. But, since the advent of co-living and it’s rising popularity, it has become more and more difficult to find a free room in co-living houses. In some cities like New York, a co-living building with 18 rooms can get as much as a few hundred applications. As opposed to finding a room from Craigslist, where you are not sure what your housemate would be like, in co-living spaces they are chosen for you.

There is actually a certain market that craves for those spaces. These are the fresh graduates who want to meet people for new ideas, the Digital Nomads for the superb facilities, and those who have a dream of starting his/her own company and wanted to be around people who have the same passion.

It is not necessarily cheaper but co-living management offers organized events or workshops for their members and other services like regular cleaning and laundry.

This kind of spaces are available only in certain cities but here are a few notable ones.

The Collective Old Oak Common
Is the largest, as of this day co-living building with 550 rooms. Located in northwest London, the building is as big as a hotel. It as different room types, and offer a wide number of shared amenities that any young professional might need.

A new brand that builds co-living complex around the world. They currently have a presence in Miami, Tokyo, Bali, London, and San Francisco. Unlike other co-living spaces, Roam offers its members ease of moving between their different locations.

We Live
One of the first which develop this concept. It now has a presence in New York and DC. It offers different types of rooms and communal spaces like the laundry room which can double into a bar.

And from this basic concept of co-living, some concepts evolved like co-working retreats where people apply to go on a 30-day or so retreat. They will live with people who may be in the same field or situation like those who are in a career slump and want to meet other people to get fresh new ideas.

Be Unsettled
This group organizes retreats all over the world. They accept around 20 retreat applicants and make them come together in a particular city to live and socialize together. Organizers of the retreat offer rooms, meals, meetups, workshops, and related events for the people who joined.

Like any new ideas that challenge traditions, co-living challenges the traditional way of living and fosters common spaces as avenues for socializing. Some people may call it an adult dorm but the rate that co-living developments are going, there is no stopping this now.

From this budding concept, Startup Oasis took form. Startup Oasis is a co-living house established in the heart of Cebu City, Philippines. This co-living space is for those who have an idea they want to capitalize on through the use of websites and app. Basically, you come with your idea and the developers at Startup Oasis will build it under your direct supervision.

Startup Oasis has the basic facilities and services that a co-living space has. It has a room for you in the house where you will work and share meals with the developers and other staff. Plus, you get to go to meetups and events where you get to know other entrepreneurs in the city.

Cebu City is a good city for a travelling entrepreneur as this island has a lot to offer in terms of sights and activities. There will always be something to do like island hopping, hiking, rock climbing, etc. And like any other cities, it has a variety of good bars, cafes, and restaurants to discover.

The concept was once laughed at and called an adult dorm, but co-living has proven to be so much more than just living with other people. Start-up Oasis is one of those who make co-living a productive way of living.