Guide for your trip in Siargao

Startup Oasis has a villa in Cebu City, Philippines. By coming here to develop your project you will have the opportunity to travel a lot. Startup Oasis has a big villa in the heart of the Visayas, close to the most beautiful islands. Today, we present you Siargao, located at one hour by plane from Cebu City.

Siargao has been named “the surfing capital of the Philippines”. Thanks to its amazing waves, both professionals and beginners can enjoy surfing. But there is not only surfers who can enjoy their time in the Philippines because there is a lot of activities to experience.

How to get there

To go to Siargao you have to take a plane from Cebu City and it will last one hour. Once you get there it is very convenient to find a mode of transportation. You will find a lot of tricycles to go to General Luna which is the most touristic place in the island. Most of the hotels are located in this area, in addition to the nightlife and the best surf spot : Cloud 9.

Move on the Island

The surface area is 437 square meter. We advice you to rent a scooter during your stay in the island. You will be able to enjoy the landscape and also go to some place no one go because it is too far from the center. You will discover hidden beaches, so you can enjoy the quiet and the peace. To rent a scooter in Siargao you should asked your hotel to find you what you want. Usually the price are 500 pesos for the day, which means 8 euros.

Where to stay

Most of the hotel are located in General Luna. You can find for any budgets with cheap room for 1000 pesos a night (17 euros) which are rustic but functional. The Kermit Surf & Dive Eco Camp is one of the most famous hotel in the island which offers very attractive price. The food is tasty and the location is perfect (5 minutes’ walk from General Luna beach). In this place you will chill, enjoy the life which is very a Filipino’s characteristic. For those who want to be in more luxurious hotel, you will be able to find what you are looking for.


Siargao is well known to be the surfing capital in the Philippines. The waves are very good for every type of profile! Surfers have made the fame of the island. Enjoy being there to find an instructor and take lessons. The price is affordable, so don’t hesitate anymore to experiment this amazing experience! You can also surf by your own, ask the locals to know when is the best time of the day to surf.

Island Hopping

The Island hopping is one day and you will visit three islands. You discover Naked Island, Daku Island and Guyam Island.
You have the choice between two formulas. The first one is to take the same boat as other people you don’t know for 900 pesos per person (15 euros) it includes lunch in an island. The second one is a private boat for the day for 1500 pesos (25 euros). The lunch is not included but you can easily buy food in the early morning and the crew of the boat will cook it for you. This solution offers two main advantages: you can have your own rhythm and you have more chance to be alone on an island.

Sugba lagoon

During your expedition, you will discover the biggest reserve of mangroves in the Philippines and the second biggest in South East Asia. To discover the lagoon, you have to take a boat. One you get there you can enjoy a beautiful blue water, peace and quiet. You can also rent a paddle to visit the lagoon. If you want to go there for the all day you will have to pay 2 000 pesos with lunch and alcohol included.

Magpupunko natural pool

Located at 34km from General Luna you will enjoy this swimming pool only when it is low tide. The blue water is beautiful and there is very few people there so you will enjoy the peace of the place.

Bucas Grande

You will see Sohoton’s cave while going to Bucas Grande. Once you are there, rent a kayak to discover the marine reserve. It is far from General Luna, so you will have to find a way to get there, maybe rent a van or a scooter if you like to drive!