Travel guide for Coron

The Philippine archipelago is consist of roughly around 7,107 island. With this many islands, it’s difficult sometimes to choose which one to visit and discover but we’ll go ahead and recommend Coron which is easily one of the most beautiful islands this country has to offer.
Where is Coron? Coron is part of the province of Palawan and may be accessed using various transportation with air travel as the most convenient. The island may not be the most accessible but it is worth it as the island is not only stunning, it also offers a wide variety of natural activities. It is only one hour away by plane from Cebu City, where the Startup Oasis villa is located.

You will find in this article 7 activities to enjoy your trip as much as possible!

Island Hopping

First of all, island hopping is the most popular activity. You will be amazed by the beauty of the beaches and the sea. You will start in Coron town, and you will visit 5 to 7 different places. For this activity, you have two choices:

The first one is to take a boat with other groups and follow a pre-designed route during your day. This is the cheapest option but might not be the best. The inconvenience with this option is that, if you are not a very social person, you will be stuck with people you don’t know for the whole duration of the tour. Sometimes you can be 30 on one boat. The price is only PHP750 per person.

The second choice is to take a small boat and create your own itinerary to go where you please and to choose how long you stay. There is a boat which costs PHP2700 for 4 persons. You will have to pay an entrance fee for each beach which is about PHP100 per person. During your journey, you will enjoy snorkelling. There is a lot of beautiful fish and also colourful corals. There is also one spot where you can see a Japanese boat wreck. It is not very deep so you can see it while you snorkel. Don’t forget to chill, enjoy the food and talk with your boatman who you can refer to as “Kuya”!


This attraction is one of the most relaxing in Coron. You have to take a jeepney from Coron Town, and it is about 30 minutes away. You will have to pay PHP200 fee to enjoy the hot spring. You can go there during the day but also at night until 10 pm. The water is very hot, it is like having a big warm bath.

Trip in motorbike

Busuanga island is very beautiful. You should rent a motorbike and visit the island. Go on the road, enjoy the amazing landscape with coconut trees everywhere, and also the coastlines. By doing that you will be able to go to nice places on the island. Here is a list of activities you could do while on a motorbike tour.

Have lunch in a hotel near the sea

There is an incredible hotel close to the Conception Falls (we will talk to you later about that). The name is Puerto Del Sol Resort, located on the marine coast. It is a little paradise on earth. The food is very good and affordable. If you have lunch there you can relax in the swimming pool. It is probably one of the best spots in Busuanga. You’ll feel very comfortable there. You can also book a room, it is very cosy and quiet.

Conception Falls

Conception Falls is only one hour ride from Coron town. The falls are small but beautiful. There are not a lot of people so you will enjoy the tranquillity of the place. It is also nice to swim in a cold fresh water compared to the warm sea water. It is very relaxing. You don’t have to pay for staying at this waterfall, but if you want to make a donation you are more than welcome.

Ocam Ocam Beach

It is located in the North of Busuanga Island. It is approximately 2 hours ride from Coron Town. Don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful landscape on the road to get there, and to say hello to the inhabitants of the island! You will arrive on a beautiful white sand beach with no one around you except locals. It is far from Coron Town so few tourists want to go there. Sit and enjoy the serenity, play with the kids, and talk with locals.

Climb to the top

The last attraction you should do is to climb at the top of Coron town. You will enjoy an amazing sunset. Before doing that, you will have to climb 700 steps but it’s all worth it. Once you get there, you will be amazed by the beauty of the city. The sunset is beautiful and enjoyable, it will be worth the climb!

We hope these suggestions help enlighten you in planning your trip. Be excited as Coron will surprise you with its beauty. Don’t hesitate anymore to join us at Startup Oasis to create your MVP, and also to discover the beauty of Coron!