When is the best time to start a company?

In Startup Oasis, we saw a lot of entrepreneurs coming in our villa to launch their company. They all have a different story, but they all agree on some actions to do before launching a company. In this article, we give you advices to discover if it is the good timing for you to create a company.

You are bored at work

Being bored at work is an alarming signal to analyze when your dream is to create your company. If you have limited or invalid carrier possibility in your actual company, and you dream to launch your company, don’t hesitate to resign. You have accumulated skills during your carrier in the professional world. You can resign and being confident for your future in purpose to do what you really want.

You want to be your own boss

Word of caution, if you want to be your own boss because you can’t handle authority or for an ego matter, you will be faced to many issues.

However, if you want to create your company because you want to work closely with your co-workers, you have solid bases. It happens often that in the entrepreneurial eco system we compare entrepreneurs to leaders. A leader will lead his team and encourage them to work together in the same purpose. He will show the good example and will listen to his coworkers for them to be fully flourish in the company.

Being your own boss means that you also want to act more quickly to implement your projects. If you have worked for big companies you know that it is complicated to implement a project because you have to go through process. By creating your company, decisions and implementation will be quicker.

You are financially autonomous

It is one of the most important part of your thinking. Building his company doesn’t mean that you will have huge investments. You just have to be aware that for the next few months every time you will earn money will be for reinvesting in the company. You are not going to be able to have an income for few months. You need to have save money before launching a company.

You have found the right collaborators

It is the most important aspect when you want to develop your idea. According to Oussama Ammar, a French business angel, in his talk “entrepreneur, businessman or manager?”, the key is to find collaborators with the same vision as you for the company. If you have to choose between two persons, one with the skills and not the vision, and one without the skills but the vision, you should hire the collaborator with the same vision as you. Skills can be taught.

We hope all of this advices give you clues to understand more what it takes to start a company. If after reading this article you want to launch your business, don’t hesitate to go on our section pricing to see our offers and find one you will use. Don’t hesitate to contact us through our website to have more information.