Why you should learn how to code?

If you find yourself with a lot of free time and would like to fill this time by learning something new, the Startup Oasis team have a suggestion for you: learn how to code. So, if you’re still “shopping” on what you can learn, read on, for this might help you decide.

There are a lot of benefits into learning how to write codes and the experts at Startup Oasis have these to share about their experience.

It’s good for the brain

Learning anything new jump starts your brain, you are introducing it to a new challenge which needs a lot of focus. This is good because unlike doing something you have repeatedly done where your brain in basically on autopilot, learning new things wakes your brain up.

Joseph who join Startup Oasis few weeks ago said this: “It’s good for the brain, makes you think about how to solve difficult problems.” Coding tickles the analytical and problem-solving part of your brain.

Coding is ever-evolving, once you have committed to learning this, there is not stopping in learning. You will never be in autopilot mode. Vere shares this about coding: “There are lots of possibility to solve puzzles and from time to time software keeps from evolving.”

It’s an entrepreneurial opportunity

If you are someone who wants to learn new things so you can be your own boss, look no further. Unlike cooking and other hobby works, coding doesn’t need much. You only have to do a one-time investment on a good computer and internet connection, that’s it!

Rhusfer has this to say: “As we are in the digital age and most people use mobile phones, personal computers or laptops, you can be your own boss and exploit this trend. You can earn from it by making apps for Android or iOS (Apple).”

More job opportunities

It’s never too late for a career change. If you are in a career slump as of this moment and looking for a change of environment, Joseph has this to say, “…the industry needs a lot of programmers, you’ll never find it hard to get a job once you have an experience [in coding].

Also, coding is integrated now in almost every aspect of society and economy that everywhere you go of whichever field you are currently working on, there is a need for people to contribute, “Computer programs have great contribution to our lives—it makes life easier in the field of agriculture, education, business, politics, etc. It would be great for you if you become part it, to make other lives easier with more productivity and a helping shape a better world for everyone to live in.”

What most people don’t know is that coding is very much like a language, it communicates to computers and tells them what to do. And just like language, there are different coding languages. So which one should you learn?

The team has some suggestions

According to Wikipedia, Python is a widely used high-level programming language for general-purpose programming, created by Guido van Rossum and first released in 1991.

Vere recommends this language because it is one of the easiest to learn and used by most big companies with the likes of Google, IBM, NASA, etc. Aside from that, there is a massive help community in Phyton. This will serve as your support group when you are stuck in your learning or if later on, you will encounter a problem that you, alone, cannot solve.

If you are an English speaker, which you probably are if you are reading this, Joseph also suggests Pyhton for the reason that its syntax is closely related to English.

Vere on the other hand says that depending on your goal, there are several languages to choose from, “For some who is starting some business, I think knowing how to make a website is a must since you can reach more market by doing so. In terms of programming language, I can suggest JavaScript, PHP, Python or Java. And for web designing(how your website should look), I can suggest HTML and CSS.”

If this article convinced you, better get those brain cells and laptops ready! There’s no time like today to start doing something.