Entrepreneurs should not fear failure. They should embrace it.

Failure is the secret to success. We provide you with keys to make use of your inability to achieve success. We help you achieve your dreams at Startup Oasis by building the MVP of your dreams. We can also give you advice to get over your fear of failure. 

Failure has been seen as something negative for a long time. All thought it was the end of the adventure because everyone had failed. But things have changed, especially with entrepreneurs who spoke about how many times before being successful they struggled. When you talk of your mistakes now, that means that you are trying to do something. The greater the mistakes, the stronger your hopes will be.

What will loss be?

Failure is linked to achievement, due to the entrepreneurship climate and the testimonies of successful entrepreneurs. As Winston Churchill said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: what counts is the courage to continue.” Life is an adventure, you’re going to hear about success, and failure is a part of that; it’s just part of the game.

So, what does this big word actually mean, especially to entrepreneurs who are characterized by their brand’s success or failure? 

It is defined by the Oxford dictionary as, “The neglect or omission of the action expected or required.” The target or goal you overlooked or that stuff just didn’t turn out the way you expected it to. In all walks of life, this happens to EVERYONE. How you look at it and what you make of it makes the difference.

There are some means of looking at failures that can make the project/business a constructive power.

Failure does not humiliate

Human beings seem to get wrapped up in what they’re doing and get lost in their success. In this way, failure allows a person to hold himself in check. It makes them look closely at themselves and make a personal judgment, and consequently makes them smarter. This is a key to entrepreneurial personal growth.

Failure is a moving power

Imagine if all goes well with a project or a company? You’re too sure that you’re not looking at the developments in your business. Can you adjust and improve in order to satisfy your expectations? The reaction will be no. Why alter when everything goes well, right? The thing is that it’s not going to carry on indefinitely. People will want change, they will also Suggest it. To meet the changes, certain entrepreneurs will predict trends and be able to adapt in time. Failure is a warning that a transition has to change for entrepreneurs who do not. To meet the needs of consumers, they will have to learn from their mistakes and make improvements.

Failure is an epiphany 

There have been a lot of success stories that began at what looks like a lost moment where the founder saw a light bulb go off in their heads. Failure will help you see that you need to make a radical shift or that something is wrong with how you do stuff. Welcome, and benefit from, this loss. Failing and trying to chase your dreams again and again is the biggest strength.

Failure is a chance to improve 

If the product does not meet the needs of consumers, they will certainly let you know about it, or they will let you know about the drop-in use/purchase. It can be seen as an incentive for development when this arises. Their complaints will let you know what’s wrong with your item and how you can fix it and make them happier to use your product to attract them.

A brilliant remark about failure was made by Thomas Edison when he was asked, “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?” This is about his light bulb invention, which supposedly took him 1,000 trials to perfect. He responded, “The light bulb with 1,000 steps was an invention.” You can still benefit from your mistake. It is the way to accomplishment and satisfaction.

Join our designers and developers at Startup Oasis and build your dream. We will give you guidance about how to prevent failure and how to use failure to succeed.