How to Hire an IOS Developer: The Ultimate Guide

July 10, 2022

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Hiring an iOS developer to create interesting and perfect business applications is difficult. The best iOS developers must stay updated with recent developments and expand their skill sets because company requirements are continuously changing.

Furthermore, the rise in demand for iOS programmers and iOS app developers is a result of the digital revolution sparked by smartphones. Only 20.38 percent of smartphone users use iOS, Android, and iOS smartphones account for 99.6 percent of the market.

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The cost of premium mobile features like paid apps, iCloud storage, etc., is still higher for iOS users than for Android users. Therefore, businesses are actively searching for experienced iPhone developers and iOS programmers to help them create top-notch applications that will be a fantastic source of revenue.

However, if you’re in the market for a top-notch iOS developer, you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide will go through everything you need to know about finding and to hire iOS developer.

Also, we’ll discuss what to look for in an iOS developer, how to assess their skills, and where to find qualified candidates. So whether you’re a startup just getting started or have been searching for a while and still haven’t found the right talent, keep reading; this guide is for you!

Benefits of Creating an iOS App

Although around 75 percent of smartphone users have Android devices, Apple still has the advantage regarding customer willingness to pay. According to research, Apple device users are more inclined to pay for apps than Android users.

This shouldn’t surprise you, given that Android is an open-source operating system. In addition to the earning possibilities, iOS users are typically happier with their mobile devices, which gives them the advantage of being the top pick for business apps.

Apple’s primary priorities are flawless hardware, easy customer service, and outstanding software. As a result, iOS apps are less likely to malfunction on Apple hardware. Each program functions flawlessly, which is essential for business.

Business Growth and Expansion Into New Markets

Establishing roots in as many nations as you can, starting with industrialized nations, is one of many firms’ most crucial expansion goals.

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A business can achieve this goal more easily by developing an iOS application. In industrialized nations, iPhones and iPads are highly popular. An iOS app is one approach to connecting with this user base and establishing a strong presence in those markets.

Highly Secure Platform – Fosters Customer Trust

A business must concentrate on creating ideal software and a safe, dependable platform with a ton of additional appealing features. Users can feel safe from external attacks because iOS has a reputation for being very secure.

Apple’s primary priorities are flawless hardware, easy customer service, and outstanding software. As a result, iOS apps are less likely to malfunction on Apple hardware. Each program functions flawlessly, which is essential for business.

Most iPhone users are not overly concerned about spyware and viruses, so they can even believe that their financial information is secure, enabling them to complete more online transactions.

High ROI

Statistics demonstrate that the return on investment for iOS apps is relatively high. Gaining access to clients worthy of investment can help organizations generate healthier financial returns. As a result, a firm will have a wider audience and be able to provide its customers with more value.

Identify Your Requirements Before Hiring Ios Developers

Before beginning the hiring process, you must completely understand your iOS project. It enables you to specify the demands of an iOS developer and make an informed choice.

Define Your App Idea

Record your app idea by writing a brief description. It might be a brief sentence or paragraph. Instead of being bogged down in numerous concepts, you can cultivate the app idea excessively if you adopt a concentrated attitude.

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Make a list of the main issues or challenges the app should address. You can organize your ideas and focus on developing an idea by using this technique.

Set Up Goal

To get investors for your app idea, rank first on the App Store, gain thousands of downloads, and other objectives, be clear about your goals, and create a plan to achieve them in the short and long term.

Your goals can be thoroughly analyzed to assist you in determining the scope of your mobile app and the development process for an iPhone app.

Describe Features and Functionalities

Well, it’s fairly easy. Make a list of the functions and features you wish to include in your app. You can examine related app categories to see the added features and functions. The iOS developers now have a greater understanding of what they will be dealing with, thanks to this list.

Define Priorities

You can wait till your iPhone application is finished if you have the time. However, it’s not the best choice from a business standpoint. Additionally, when you use an app after a specific time has passed, its functions are no longer relevant. Therefore, nothing can be developed all at once.

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Decide which features and functionalities should come first so that developers may concentrate on those first. Using several prioritization strategies, you may clarify which features and functionalities should be built first.

Skills iOS App Developers Must Have

Before hiring iPhone app developers, you must evaluate iOS developers’ soft and hard talents. To ensure that the application they develop offers a great user experience and aligns with the organizational goals, the iOS software engineer must possess the necessary technological expertise.

With the necessary technical talents, iOS engineers require the correct soft skills to collaborate effectively with other development team members and foster a supportive work environment.

Technical Skills Essential for iOS App Developers

Knowledge of Swift

Developers of iOS applications must be proficient in Swift. Swift makes it incredibly simple to read and maintain APIs. This is because named parameters in Swift make inferring and returning values simpler. Inferred types result in simpler code and fewer programming errors for iOS developers.

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With the aid of Unicode-correct strings, Swift also supports emojis and several different languages. Most use-cases are high-performance optimized, and memory use is optimized as well.

Swift’s powerful generics, native error handling, multiple return values and tuples, quick iteration, supported structs, protocol extensions, and enums are further advantages for iOS developers.

Xcode IDE

A code editor included in an integrated development environment (IDE) is called Xcode. An application with an outstanding user experience can be made by iOS developers familiar with the Xcode IDE.

Programming languages including C, C++, Swift, Objective C, Java, Applescript, Python, and Ruby are all supported by Xcode. An iOS software engineer can design and deploy applications on the iOS platform using Xcode’s productive environment.

iOS developers can write, compile, and debug their applications using Xcode before submitting them to the Apple app store. The text editor, compiler, and source code checker are Xcode’s most used tools.

Spatial Reasoning

When creating applications, spatial thinking is defined as the capacity to consider how users will use the program. It is a crucial talent for iOS app developers since they must first imagine how the program should function before implementing their plans.

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Developers with spatial reasoning abilities can think logically and creatively to create applications that offer a rich user experience.

Human Interface and Design Guidelines

Apple has established design and human interaction standards that every iOS developer must follow. Key tips from the human interface standards can be used to create more engaging and intuitive interfaces.

Additionally, iOS developers can access various UI sources for many Apple platforms. The design rules guarantee that all applications created by various iOS engineers have the same level of quality.

JSON and Core Data

For iOS engineers, understanding JSON is crucial since, without it, they won’t be able to transmit and receive data via networks. Additionally, it can process data and produce numerous JSON strings.

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Since core data enables users to save their progress on Apple devices, iOS programmers also need to know about this topic. Products risk not retaining user data if they don’t use core data following the established criteria, which can undo all the hard work iOS engineers have put into their applications.

UI and UX

User experience (UX) relates to how the user feels about the application, whereas UI refers to how the product appears to the user. To design applications that look great and are simple, developers need to have a solid understanding of UI and UX.

Essential Soft Skills for Ios App Developers

Communication Skills

Developers must be excellent communicators to be understood. Thanks to their communication abilities, they will be able to voice their concerns about decisions they believe could negatively impact iOS projects.

They will also be keen to propose novel ideas they believe the company can use simultaneously. iOS software engineer that lacks effective communication skills may hesitate and keep mute. Both verbal and textual communication can be used to evaluate communication skills.

Individuals with strong written communication skills can readily compose emails and reports with precise language, while candidates with strong oral communication skills will be able to explain themselves with ease.

Time-Management Skills

Every team within the company is given a deadline for the development project they have been given, whether internal or external. Likely, you will regularly need to extend the project’s deadline if your iOS development team lacks great time-management skills.

A strong work ethic will show good time management, making remote iOS developers disciplined and truthful in their approach to their development projects.

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Employers should select developers that can deliver projects on schedule and provide an accurate timeframe after reviewing the project with all parties involved, including the customer and their team.

Only time-management-savvy iPhone app developers are capable of completing this. Before choosing a deadline, they will consider the size of their team and the resources available to the company. As a result, they will determine how long a certain job will take and provide an accurate estimate.


Collaboration between various team members is necessary for successful mobile app development. Developers of iOS applications understand that the team should always come first and handle each project appropriately.

When conflicts emerge within the team, they can considerably aid in resolving those conflicts by facilitating constructive idea exchanges.

Interpersonal Skills

Since they are closely related, iPhone app developers with strong collaborative abilities must also have strong interpersonal skills.

iOS software engineer with strong interpersonal skills encourages staff toleration, uses appropriate office humor, and shows empathy for users through trying moments.

Leadership Skills

Developers who wish to lead their teams must possess strong leadership qualities. iOS software engineers who possess leadership qualities are accountable for their activities and take the initiative on new tasks.

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They are also good at motivating team members after a project doesn’t go as planned and pointing them in the right direction with encouragement and a positive outlook.

iOS Developer Hire Options

When looking for a good iOS developer, it’s natural for some people to be perplexed about how to go. It is understandable given options like outsourcing and freelancing. Businesses have the opportunity to recruit senior iOS developers from a global pool through outsourcing.

However, working with a group of inside experts can be more flexible and manageable. Additionally, communication will be simpler since time zone differences won’t be a problem. So, how will you choose which path to take?

Dedicated iOS App Development Company

When you outsource the creation of your iOS app to a highly skilled development firm, you are also outsourcing the work of establishing the tech stack, offering support, and assuring quality control.

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You don’t need to assign the duties to different people, monitor their work, or schedule several meetings. Instead, you provide the highly skilled development firm with your specs, talk with them about your objectives and expectations, set a deadline, and receive the finished result.


  • The agreement is directly with the development vendor, as opposed to a local iOS developer; therefore, no legal counsel is needed.
  • Because you don’t handle the project directly, you can significantly save operating expenses.
  • You can swiftly replace an iOS developer if you don’t like them, allowing the team to expand or contract as needed.
  • You can quickly discover an entire team because outsourcing companies regularly maintain a vast pool of specialists willing to accept a new contract.


  • Even if you choose a reputable development firm, there is a potential that you will run into timeline and quality problems.
  • Due to time zones, cultural differences, and linguistic barriers, outsourcing development to overseas sites might cause communication issues.
  • More thorough documentation and rigid development timetables are needed for initiatives of this nature.

An In-House Team of iOS App Developers

You can hire iOS app developers as full-time employees to work as a part of your internal team if your requirement is a little difficult and your budget is not too tight.

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However, to boost department productivity, you must give them a full-time salary (or partial income, if your business has a part-time agreement), a workspace at the office, track their success, and be able to use them for several projects at once.


  • These programmers thoroughly research a product as part of their expertise and offer assistance following a release.
  • Employees and departments may easily communicate with one another to make sure everything is running smoothly.
  • The transfer of practical experience from seniors to juniors is simple within the company.
  • During their working hours, these professionals focus entirely on your project and give it their complete attention.


  • Even if you don’t have enough work for them, there must still be a salary burden.
  • Finding and keeping good staff is difficult, and it takes time to train new hires.
  • Legal fees, taxes, office rentals, and hardware purchases are expenses not included in the main budget.
  • You must cover contractors’ vacation, sick leave, and some self-development costs.

Freelance iOS Developers

Good freelance iOS developers can be found on various online job search websites, including GitHub and Upwork. It is a type of outsourcing where the developer works remotely while staying in contact with you.

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They typically favor online communication for any questions about the project’s progress. This choice works well when your needs are straightforward, and your money is limited.


  • Developers with specialized (rare) knowledge and experience are available.
  • Thanks to global talent pools, you may hire freelance iOS developers without regional restrictions.
  • Freelance developers are more affordable than in-house staff members and external teams and don’t need office space access.
  • If you hire a freelance developer hourly, you don’t always have to pay them if they aren’t needed immediately.


  • Communication issues with staff members and independent contractors may result in technical misunderstandings.
  • Geographical, linguistic, and cultural obstacles.
  • While freelance iOS developer claim to be working on your projects, independent iOS developers may be working on other projects.
  • Risk also exists concerning project security.

Process of Hiring an iOS Developer

There is no fast or easy technique to identify the top iOS developers. They create the best iOS apps to hire the best iOS programmers or an iOS development business to assist you.

When hiring an iOS developer, you may take several actions to improve your chances of getting the best possible results.

1. Prepare a Description of Your Project

When looking to recruit an iOS developer, there is no one perfect method to describe your project; nevertheless, there are numerous awful ways to do it.

It is imperative to ensure that your project is well explained for whoever reads it to understand exactly what you want to be done and what you want to accomplish with your app. This will help you avoid disaster.

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Indicate in the project description in the clearest possible terms whether your mobile app will address a business problem.

Additionally, ensure the report includes your firm’s objectives, the required software, and the features it must have. When describing your app’s operation, be as clear and concise as possible.

2. Choose the Most Suitable Model

Various recruiting choices are accessible when you need to hire an iOS programmer, depending on the task you need to complete.

You could hire a full-stack iOS app developer to grow your in-house team, outsource, work with a development firm, or work with a freelance iOS app developer. Each hiring technique has advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before you begin.

3. Conduct the Interviews

Interview preparation is crucial when you want to fill a position for an iOS developer. Both the interviewer and the candidate should prepare for the interview.

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Not only can asking the best questions during the iOS developer interview help you locate the ideal iOS developer for your business needs, but it will also make the entire process more manageable.

You could hire a full-stack iOS app developer to grow your in-house team, outsource, work with a development firm, or work with a freelance iOS app developer.

Some developers think deeply, developers who perform well, and developers who truly stand out in every way. All of these qualities should be revealed by your interview questions.

4. Finalize the Agreement and Sign the Contract

When you engage an iOS developer, the contract will outline how your project will be delivered and what you will receive after it is finished. Determining what should happen in the event of a dispute is a crucial component of such agreements.

This contract specifies the what, when, how, and how much. This contract is comparable to any other contract for any other service. It ought to include all the typical sections.

For instance, the contract should specify how termination-related issues should be handled. It ought to include information on how conflicts are to be resolved.

Conclusion: How Hiring an Ios Developer May Improve Your Startup

When choosing a freelancer or development company, you must be confident in a firm’s reputation and be clear about what you want. It is wiser to choose outsourcing companies because you will receive a whole team of specialists.

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However, don’t base your decisions exclusively on money considerations because this may compromise the quality of the finished project. Detail-oriented negotiations should be conducted for cooperation, with a prior discussion of the payment’s inclusions and whether the app will receive more support.

Consider the price of developing an iOS app as an investment rather than just another monthly expense for your business or brand.

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