50 Startup Blogs Every Entrepreneur Should Read In 2021

May 20, 2021

Building a startup is no easy feat. It will test your grit, determination, and resolve throughout the entire process. Enter…startup blogs.

While building a startup, capital can sometimes be tight, so it can be tough to bring in a team to work with.

However, working with a team is extremely beneficial. It will allow you to share ideas, surround yourself with experts and delegate your work, freeing you up to do other important, value-producing tasks.

However, when you don’t have a team to help fuel your growth, startup blogs can be a great resource to provide information that can help you grow your business.

In this post, we’ve outlined 50 of the best startup blogs to follow.

You can start reading these today to help you navigate entrepreneurship and help grow your business online or in person.

We’ve split these resources into five sections;

  • Blogs for Startups
  • Venture Capital
  • Digital Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Startup Founders
Blogs for a startup

Blogs For Startups

Groove Blog

The Groove blog is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs and startup founders.

This blog offers fantastic advice ranging from customer service, building a fully remote team, and using content marketing. Geared more towards the tech industry, Groove can provide core information about building a business and posts frequent updates on their SaaS products.

Groove posts startup advice

Quick Sprout

Run by Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg, UberSuggesst & the Neil Patel Digital Marketing agency, Quick Sprout is the go-to place for discussing common problems encountered by startups and their online presence.

Given Patel’s interest and knowledge base in acquiring customers and converting them, Quick Sprout is a brilliant library for providing engaging and helpful content for those looking to convert leads and followers.

Social posts for startups


Started by David Skok, a five-time co-founder, and current venture capitalist, Skok uses this blog to share what he has learned in the startup industry with other startup founders.

It is recommended for those that like to follow industry trends and learn from key figures in the industry.

forEntrepreneurs has also been voted the number 1 website for entrepreneurs by Inc. Magazine and ranked 2nd on the list of 100 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs by Forbes Magazine.

forEntrepreneurs resources for startups

Startup Stockpile

With a tag line like “Tools, Templates, & Tactics You Can Use To Start, Run, & Grow Your Business,” as an entrepreneur or startup founder looking for a one-stop-shop for advice, you cannot go wrong with Startup Stockpile.

With a name like a “Stockpile,” expect to find a vast arsenal of brilliant insights into the startup industry.

Startup Nation

With a frequently updated blog, podcast, and e-book all available, it’s safe to say that Startup Nation covers a wide range of topics.

With multiple posts per day, Startup Nation provides a whole host of reading material, frequently updated, and is one of the best blogs to follow for startup founders.


Startups.com offers in-depth online courses for entrepreneurs and startup founders.

With speakers and teachers like Neil Patel (see above), they also provide a library of video and article content on categories such as; funding, design, ideas, marketing, teams, and leadership.

With Startups.com, you can expect quality advice from startup founders on all aspects of building and starting a company.


The Harvard Business Review blog has some excellent articles on entrepreneurship. They’re a more traditional publication and publish a lot (so there’s more to sort through), but the gems make it time well spent.

HBR has the latest news on startups

Small Business Trends

Covering Marketing, Finance, Technology & Management, Small Business Trends is built for small businesses. Offering the latest news & articles on various topics for small businesses to take advantage of, this is a great platform to get your daily business tips.


The “mothership” of Startup Oasis, StartTechUp is a goldmine for quality articles on building remote teams, SaaS product development, and outsourcing. With articles published weekly, Startech Up is a blog worth bookmarking for quality resources and tech advice alone.

Providing Value for startups


Opening with the tagline “What do the top startup founders know that you don’t?”, Mixergy – outside of the bad name – showcases top startup founders, asking them to share their worldly advice. With a hit podcast in tow, Mixergy is a great online resource to read and listen to on the go for (aspiring) entrepreneurs.

Great for increasing sales and increasing chance of success

Andrew Chen’s blog as “one of the best startup entrepreneurship blogs of all time.”

Venture Capital

Both Sides of the Table

Essential reading for anyone interest in or looking to obtain Venture Capital (VC).

Mark Suster founded both sides of the table – an active Venture Capitalist – Suster is arguably one of the most influential voices in the industry. His blog is always on the recommended reading list for more information on the startup business.

Learn how to grow your platform and community

VatorNews | Voice of the Entrepreneur

VatorNews combines interviews and guest blogs from influential figures in the Venture Capitalist industry with several blog series covering; making money online, thought leadership, and digital health.

While this blog is a bit more unique than others in the category, that doesn’t mean that the information it offers is any less helpful.

Andrew Chen

The modern godfather of product development – Eric Ries, author of the Lean Startup – described Andrew Chen’s blog as “one of the best startup entrepreneurship blogs of all time.”

Without all the flashy CSS style integration, Chen manages to distill quality information about high-growth startups, technology, and more into what resembles more like an RSS feed.

With an endorsement like that from Eric Ries, it’s hard to pass this one by.

Success for statups on the internet


With VC in the title, any blog listing the top VC blogs available must have this one included in the list. Taking a leaf out of Seth Godin’s book, Fred Wilson – founder of AVC, has posted every day since 2003.

While this blog centers around VC, it also contains practical knowledge on building a (tech) startup.

A growing list of readers comes with an insightful and helpful comment section, something you’ll be hard-pressed to find on any social media site these days.

AVC is for startups

A Smart Bear

The home of a software startup founder, bootstrapper, investor, and mentor, Jason Cohen.

A smart bear offers blogs explaining complex subscription business models while also covering marketing and company culture topics. A must-read for anyone who is looking for help with their subscription-based business.

Increase your community and platform on the internet with a smart bear

Benedict Evans

Ben Evans is a Venture Capitalist at Mosaic Ventures and Entrepreneur First, but in his spare time, he likes to cover topics on what matters in tech and where the industry is going. As an independent analyst, Evans writes weekly essays and blogs on things he’s mulling over while also dispensing good information about the VC world. With a 160,000 strong email subscription list, he must be doing something right.

Benedict Evans shows startups how to find their next customer in his latest post

Chris Dixon

Chris Dixon has a very impressive résumé. As an early investor in  KickstarterStripeFlatiron HealthWarby ParkerZiplinePinterest, and Stack Overflow, it’s clear Chris knows what he’s doing when it comes to investing.

He’s now focusing on Cryptocurrencies and blockchain, but that doesn’t mean he’s stopped blogging about VC topics. With over half a million followers on Twitter, Chris is one to watch for any startup entrepreneur looking to learn from others.

The Twenty Minute VC

Run by Harry Stebbings, a 24-year-old London-based creator, this blog turned podcast interviews some hugely influential figures in the tech world.

Covering topics like how to scale your business into a unicorn, raise investment, and interview pioneering young CEOs looking to shake up multiple industries.

This is a blog you can listen to on the go, with new episodes dropping every couple of days.

2VC on twitter and facebook making sales for startups

Venture Hacks

Venture Hacks, run by Naval Ravikant, the co-founder of Angel list and silicon valley entrepreneur turn philosopher, and his Angel list co-founder, Babak Nivi.

Venture Hacks promises to deliver “good advice for startups.” As the blogging arm of the Ravikant’s & Nivi’s AngelList, Venture Hacks covers topics like writing for entrepreneurs, making cap tables, and picking co-founders.

Coupled with complementary videos, Venture Hacks is a great place to get daily business and venture capital motivation from one of the most influential speakers in the industry.

Venture hacks helps a startup to be more social and find followers

This Is Going To Be BIG…

Based in New York City? If so, this blog is for you. Run by a native New Yorker, Charlie O’Donnell, who invests in seed and pre-seed NYC startups at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, talks about navigating the VC world in the big apple.

Recommended reading for anyone starting a business in NYC, O’Donnel includes resources in his niche that you’d struggle to find anywhere else. Follow for tips on how to start a business in NYC and scale for growth.

Digital Marketing Startup Blogs

The Moz Startup Blog

The Moz blog is one of the leading Digital Marketing blogs available online today. With articles aplenty on topics such as how to improve websites and to improve your social, search & content marketing, Moz leads readers along the way to better marketing experiences.

Not only that, but Moz continues to bring in industry experts to provide hints, tips, and insights for those looking to learn more about marketing success. With free SEO guides and other helpful resources, this blog gives those interested in marketing a roadmap for success. One of the best startup blogs out there with a quality Twitter feed & Facebook page as well.

Social Media experts providing the latest information on sales conversions for startups

Social Media Examiner

Covering all things social media marketing, Social media examiner is a quality blog covering topics from improving your Facebook retargeting ads to posting better TikTok videos.

Want to know how to structure the perfect ad video or achieve organic growth using Instagram Reels? Social Media examiner covers it all.

Most posts are accompanied by highly produced and quality videos, helping those fall into the TL/DR category. For entrepreneurs who want to increase their sales using social media, following and reading this blog daily is a no-brainer.

They also have a great daily email blast that links to their best and most recent articles and a podcast interviewing industry leaders. It’s fair to say that Social Media examiner does have it all.

Social Media examiner has a great post on growing on twitter and facebook for startups

Unbounce Conversion Intelligence

Publishing all things related to marketing since 2009, from A/B testing & landing pages to conversion rate optimization & email marketing. If you’re looking for hot tips in copywriting or the essential elements of landing pages to improve your conversion rankings, Unbounce has you covered.


Covering the latest marketing and digital insights news, using knowledge gleaned from Econsultancy’s world-class analysts and experts. Well worth the read if you’re interested in direction on how to market yourself online using the latest trends.

Econsultancy covers various topics with investigative dives into unique industries and sharing practical marketing advice that businesses can implement straight away.

This blog is well worth the follow for those looking for unique opportunities and startup-focused resources with a focus on upcoming marketing and business trends.

Covering multiple posts on being social, necessary for a startup

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is dedicated to helping you make the most of every visitor for startups that want to learn how to optimize their funnels and customer conversions.

Crazy egg is one of those startup blogs that every new marketer or solopreneur should bookmark for future and continued reading.

With resources covering how to improve your online sales methods and the latest tech platforms for CRM, webinars, and email marketing, this blog is a one-stop-shop for improving your customer’s & website traffic value and a great continued read for any small business for you and your team.

How a startup can gain more twitter and facebook followers and increase sales

MailMunch Blog

This blog covers thoughts on web marketing and email content marketing for small to medium-sized businesses. Learn how to become a conversion pro through creating and adopting opt-in forms and everything you could imagine when it comes to email.

Given that marketers continue to tell us how vital email is to businesses, it would be worth your time to understand how to make email work for you to increase your conversions, something MailMunch’s blog can help with.

Latest posts for a startup

Duct Tape Marketing

Founded by John Jantsch, sometimes known as the World’s Most Practical Small Business Expert for marketing ideas and strategies, Duct Tape Marketing set out a mission to provide simple, effective & affordable small business marketing.

This blog is a brilliant all-in-one resource for startups with limited marketing budgets & is recommended for those looking to understand unique and practical strategies that work.

With blogs, podcasts, and books available, there is something for everyone at Duct Tape.

Facebook & twitter experts


Apart from offering one of the most popular email marketing platforms on the web, Convertkit also provides a highly detailed and robust blog on digital marketing.

Convertkit is one of the best startup havens for regular posts and helpful tips with a handy and user-friendly platform.

Could this platform provide any more value!?

Well, with an active Facebook community and growing customer base, we expect Convertkit to continue to go from strength to strength, while continuing to offer teachings on startup growth.

Convertkit latest post shows how a startup can succeed on the internet

Single Grain

Originally a failing SEO startup, the company was purchased by the marketing guru Eric Giu, for, drumroll please…$2!

Since doing so, Giu has transformed the company and used his marketing and business development experience to turn it into one of the leading digital marketing agencies around today.

While offering full-scale digital marketing services, the company also has a stunning blog showcasing new and exciting articles on digital marketing (of course) and contemporary topics such as NFTs, affiliate marketing, and software development upgrades.

With a loyal following on Twitter to boot, the Single Grain blog is worth checking out for all your digital marketing needs.

With a great twitter following this internet platform is a great resource for a startup

Social Triggers

Founded by Derek Halpern, Social triggers was born out of Halpern’s passion for building and marketing businesses and websites.

Halpern has built & marketed websites that have attracted up to 1,000,000 visitors in a day!

Like the others in this section, Social Triggers is primarily a digital marketing agency. Still, the site’s blog contains some brilliant hints and tips on marketing online and life advice, how to improve content marketing, and bootstrapping businesses.

Halpern’s rise to the top in the digital entrepreneur’s equivalent of the American Dream and a blog that your startup should be using to accelerate your growth.

With multiple posts to help increase followers


Forbes for Entrepreneurs

Isn’t Forbes the magazine that publishes the annual report on the wealthiest people in the world? Yes. Then why is it on a list for Startup Blogs to read?

Because, along with their quality articles on business and management, the company also has branches for other areas, including startups, entrepreneurship & leadership.

These other magazine areas are havens for quality articles and posts written by industry experts and provide essential reading for startups.

Forbes Latest post shows how you can increase your followers on the internet


With a host of tools and resources for startups and entrepreneurs, Blogtrepeneur was started to help make the journey for entrepreneurs a little less complicated.

With articles focusing on growth and personal development along with entrepreneurship, this blog provides a range of posts worth getting your teeth stuck in to.

Entrepreneurs Journey

Entrepreneurs journey provides recommended reading for marketing, blogging, personal development, and more for anyone interested in entrepreneurship or startups.

Founded by Yaro Starak, Entrepreneur’s Journey shares stories on starting a business, selling education or in-demand digital services, buying and selling websites as a side hustle, and how to scale and automate your business.

Gary Vaynerchuk

One of the most recognizable faces in the entrepreneurship industry as a whole. Gary Vaynerchuk is an investor, serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, and more.

While his opinion and delivery have a way to divide opinion, you cannot knock his advice and drive to help others realize the joys of entrepreneurship and creating your own business. As startup blogs go, this one is right up there.

The average internet customer is ideal for Gary

GoDaddy’s Startup Blog

A leading domain seller and website builder, GoDaddy’s website has an extensive library of articles startups. Given the nature of GoDaddy’s business model, expect a lot of information on online business and tech startups.

Be warned, however, once you head to GoDaddy, you may receive retargeted ads for a very long time – as I personally found out.

Latest information for increasing followers

Hot Sauce! Secret Sauce for Entrepreneurs

Hot Sauce is a blog run by Cayenne Consulting. Updated every weekday, there are hundreds of posts here for every type of reader, from those looking to start a food truck business to choosing the best marketing plans. Hot Sauce covers it all. You can even subscribe to this blog via an RSS feed, so you’re daily entrepreneurial news and information gets delivered directly to you.

With categories including business planning, consulting, finance, accounting, innovation, leadership, marketing, raising capital, and more, Hot Sauce has everything you need as an entrepreneur to make your business a success.

How To Change The World

By Guy Kawasaki, a former venture capitalist, he chronicles how he launched multiple online ventures and funded even more through his firm.

With a podcast that interviews leading figures in entrepreneurship and offers recommended reading lists for entrepreneurs, this is one blog you’re sure to learn a lot from.

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Written by Dr. Jeff Cornwall, co-founder of The Entrepreneurial Mind, a serial entrepreneur, and a professor of entrepreneurship.

Cornwall credits his interest in entrepreneurship early in life, growing up in an entrepreneurial family, and feeding off community spirit.

Offering coaching lessons, a podcast, and a frequently updated blog, with a website called “the entrepreneurial mind,” the resources here are recommended for entrepreneurs looking for unique posts about the latest news on sales, success, customer retention, and more.

Topic on the entrepreneurial mind

Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist

Penelope Trunk is a serial entrepreneur. Founding at least three companies, she takes her experience and mixes it with engaging and fun writing with a sprinkle of personal anecdotes to develop a hugely rewarding and enjoyable blog.

With priceless insights and laugh-out-loud observations, Trunk provides timely and helpful advice for entrepreneurs in a way that others cannot. As one of the only women on our list, if you’re looking for a different perspective on entrepreneurship, there are worse places to start.

Great topic on increasing followers

Steve Blank

While Blank’s blog isn’t the most aesthetically appealing, don’t let that put you off the valuable advice that you can find on these pages.

Covering a whole host of topics using his experience as a founding CEO, Blank takes readers, hand in hand through insightful business theory.

Most posts come with a helpful summary section found at the end of the blog, which is always a nice touch.

As a startup founder, it’s crucial to always be learning, feeding your mind the information it needs to grow a business to success.

Startup Founders

Pat Flynn

Founder and chief content creator Pat Flynn is one of the world’s most respected podcast hosts.

When it comes to developing and building your own online business, launching a podcast, or just trying to earn some extra side income, then Pat Flynn has you covered.

His journey started by chronicling his experiments in the pursuit of earning extra income as a side-hustle and has slowly blown up into an empire.

Topic on followers

Neil Patel

Marketing expert and all-around nice-guy Neil Patel is your personal digital marketing guru. The guy churns out so much quality content you’d be a fool not to check him out.

Patel opens the lid on the strategies that made his business successful and gives you the toolkit to follow in his footsteps.

With a website full of free online courses from SEO, Instagram marketing, and Growth Hacking, Neil Patel’s blog is a dream for a startup founder.

Increase followers with this topic

Spencer Fry

Founder & CEO of Podia, Fry has been an entrepreneur his entire life, claiming that he’s never earned a paycheck from anyone other than himself.

For a man who bootstrapped three startups, his mission is to help entrepreneurs whenever and however he can.

As an active Twitter enthusiast, he helps startups understand what to expect when growing a business, why competitors matter less than you think, and the benefits of bootstrapping a company compared to raising capital.

An excellent blog for startups to follow when starting out.

Posts about followers in this topic

Seth Godin

As a startup founder, if you haven’t heard of Seth Godin, then you must have been living under a rock. The father of modern Marketing, this man is the picture definition of discipline. Writing a blog post every day for the last decade, Godin has produced thousands of articles with legendary advice.

His books have understandably won acclaim all over the world for their timely insights. Seth Godin is known for giving his out-of-the-box views without apologizing.

As blogs go, this is a brilliant online resource recommended for a startup or entrepreneurs in need of marketing help.

Followers asks a topic on these posts

Eric Ries

What to say about Eric Ries that hasn’t already been said in our other blog posts? We love Eric Ries here at Startup Oasis, and why not?

The guy is the godfather of MVP development, changing the face of software development for entrepreneurs and startups in the last decade.

His book “The Lean Startup” is a triumphant resource and recommended reading for startups to learn how to bring products to market quickly and effectively.

His blog can be seen as a continuation of his book, with blog posts covering topics such as conversion optimization, how to bring more value to your startup, and the latest need-to-know news in the tech industry.

Posts for followers

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is one of the most prominent self-help gurus on the planet. With an impressive CV that shows him helping millions of people battle anxiety, depression, and stress.

But Tony Robbins is more than that; he’s built a million-dollar business empire that ranges from books, TV shows, retreats, and conferences, and his blog cover business-related concepts from psychology to managing your finances.

An excellent blog for those interested in understanding how to use your mind effectively in the pursuit of success.

New topic for startups

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is the pioneering founder of Click-funnels, the website builder that helps startups create funnels that convert leads into sales using a formula that Brunson has refined over the years.

In his blog, Russell shows that he is dedicated to helping startups succeed, giving followers the tools and resources that they need to increase sales and value in their business.

Brunson’s on-the-nose style of writing and content delivery may annoy some people. Still, you cannot knock the guy for expertly delivering on his promise to ensure entrepreneurs learn the ins and outs of creating effective sales funnels.

Recommended reading for entrepreneurs

Derek Sivers

Sivers’ blog takes you back to the time when HTML ruled the web. This refreshingly simple blog focuses on the content rather than the style.

Having founded CD baby in 1997 and then selling it for $22 million, Sivers is a profoundly insightful entrepreneur that comes with a deep level of knowledge perfect for startups.

A richly engaging and intelligent blog for startups and entrepreneurs alike.

Joel Gascoigne

As the co-founder of Buffer, Gascoigne is known for taking a non-traditional approach to growing his business.

With a refreshingly transparent writing style, Gascoigne is recommended for entrepreneurs that like following in the footsteps of those that have gone before them.

A uniquely and brilliant blog for startups, Gascoigne tells it like it is, with wide-ranging interviews, a large Twitter and Facebook following, and a vast array of blog posts that is sure to keep you reading well into the night.

Startup industry titans

Noah Kagan

As the founder of AppSumo and with time at Facebook as a marketer, Kagan has a penchant for data-driven marketing.

With an impressive list of guest bloggers and great insights into the world of digital marketing, Noah Kagan’s blog should be on every startup recommended reading list.

With recent posts covering topics from How Youtube is Changing the World and the rise of the Bitcoin influencer, digital entrepreneurs can delight in the content on offer in a brilliant blog from a startup founder we can all rely on to provide consistent value and the latest tech news.

One of the best blogs to follow

What’s Next For Startups?

As a startup founder, it’s crucial to always be learning, feeding your mind the information it needs to grow a business to success. However, it takes a team to build a startup, and while some entrepreneurs prefer to bootstrap their business and do everything themselves, a good blog, can provide the answers to questions you may be looking for.

Blogs are moving away from the shouty opinion pieces we were used to seeing in the early stages of the internet and now provide a high amount of value to their readers.

Which blog will you get started with today?

entrepreneurs and startup teams rejoice with this topic

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