15 Of The Best Online Free Coding Bootcamps

September 29, 2021

free coding bootcamps

How do you learn a new skill for career development on a budget? The great news is that web and app development happens to be one of the best and more accessible skills to train yourself with free online courses. There are even many online coding bootcamps available to develop yourself in web and app development.

However, in this article, we will start by discussing what a coding bootcamp is, why a coding bootcamp is essential, and how to choose a free coding bootcamp. Then, we will look at why you need a coding bootcamp, how much you can earn after the bootcamp, and 15 of the best free online coding bootcamps to upskill yourself.

What Is A Coding Bootcamp?

In response to the overwhelming demand of individuals with full-stack web development skills, coding bootcamps come in different shapes and sizes. It’s a short, intense course designed to give you the fundamental skills you need to transition into a job as a developer or programmer. Suppose you recently got an offer from one of the biggest companies in the country, and they are planning to rope you in for a project immediately.

It’s a short, intense course designed to give you the fundamental skills you need to transition into a job as a developer or programmer.

You have little experience with the technologies used in a project, but you’re not sure that your programming knowledge is sufficient to execute the project successfully. In a nutshell, you have less time and a lot to learn. This is where coding bootcamp comes in. Coding bootcamps are where you can learn only the essential aspects of programming and other tech skills.

The skills taught in coding bootcamps are matched with real-world and industry tech trends. This means that you can immediately apply your skills at a professional level and impress your team leader. However, a coding bootcamp is quite different from web development courses. Instead of focusing on one particular skill, they seek to teach you many skills to give you a working knowledge of programming.

Why Are Coding Bootcamps Important?

With so much pressure on the digital world, the demand for technological needs increases almost every day. Companies are facing fierce competition, and it requires continual innovation to operate in this realm. However, it is essential to be up to date with the latest technological trends.

The skills that are in high demand today might be irrelevant in the future. This is why bootcamps offer a quick start for a new career path that you have chosen.

It helps people make a seamless transition and makes individuals ready to take up real-world projects. Bootcamps are fast and focus only on skills that are essential to the real world of tech.

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How to Choose a Free Coding Bootcamp

There are many factors to consider before deciding which free coding bootcamp to choose. Most of these bootcamps come down to your personal goal. The following are the factors to consider before determining the free bootcamp to choose:


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, and more are the different web development languages you can consider before deciding on the free coding bootcamp to choose.

Take your time to understand whether you want to work on the front-end or back-end of sites.


Just because a lot of coding bootcamp come as free online courses doesn’t mean you should accept a lower quality. If you notice video tutorials are not helping the matter, you can benefit from a bootcamp that offers a more hands-on approach. Some offer educational materials to sift through, while others focus on just getting you coding right away. Thus, it is essential to figure out what is best suited to your learning style.

Students often can get access to a program code for free

How Much Can You Earn After The Bootcamp?

The fact is that you can learn as many skills as you want from bootcamp. In fact, as a new programmer, you are likely to get a salary of about $60k – $70k after joining a project bootcamp.

So, let’s take a look at the best free coding bootcamps available today.

Top 15 Best Online Free Coding Bootcamp to Upskill Yourself

1. Codecademy

Codecademy is a great place to jumpstart your new career in just 12 weeks. Codecademy is an online learning bootcamp using a teaching formula heavy on the “learn by doing” approach. They provide an invaluable teaching experience for budding developers. Codecademy offers free courses and has different courses for software development, data science, and game development.

Once you complete their beginner’s programs in HTML, CSS, and Ruby, you can move onto their intermediate program in PHP, Ruby on Rails, and the frameworks React, p5.js, Node.js, and AngularJS 1.X.

In fact, as a new programmer, you are likely to get a salary of about $60k – $70k after joining a project bootcamp

2. CodeOp

CodeOp offers free coding bootcamps for transgender, women, and gender non-comformative individuals looking for the right skills to thrive in the competitive digital world and create a comfortable learning environment for students. However, CodeOp bootcamp concentrates on assisting and mentoring students through small class sizes.

CodeOp bootcamp is broken down into live workshops on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, both for beginners and advanced-level students.

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3. CareerFoundry Web Development for Beginners Course

CareerFoundry bootcamp is a perfect way to start a new career from the start. The program is only 120 hours to complete, and it’s entirely based on practical projects where you develop your website from scratch. You will be introduced to all significant introductory courses on front-end techs.

This means creating web pages using HTML, styling the web pages with CSS and JavaScript to make them come alive with functionalities.

4. UpSkill

Are you looking for a free online bootcamp that is as comprehensive as possible? UpSkill is an essential web developer course that is entirely free, and it has a whopping 197 lessons to go through.

In this program, you will be getting to grips with HTML, Ruby, and CSS and then focusing on many practical projects of being a programmer through a series of tools and frameworks. However, this school offers a JavaScript Basics Bootcamp program and many free and full-time paid courses also.

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5. Ada Developers Academy

Ada Developer Academy is quite similar to CodeOp. It is a non-profit school that aims at breaking down the barriers preventing women and gender-expansive adults from thriving in tech in the real digital world.

Their free online coding bootcamp prepares students for the job market by teaching them to write code. Knowing software development and how to communicate web development with others is the key to many bootcamps overlook.

In addition to learning programming skills like Python, HTML, and SQL, Ada Developers Academy offers its students training in advocacy in techs like diversity and inclusion, advocacy project, and leadership. This is essential across the tech sphere and within the company environment, and in work itself.

6. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp online learning platform does as its name implies, offering multiple online free coding bootcamps. This may range from a Responsive Web Design Certification to application programming interface (API) and Microservice, front-end development libraries, and machine learning (ML) with Python.

FreeCodeCamp is also helpful to budding web developers, and it boasts thousands of programming challenges. It can prepare for common web developer interview questions, which is a perfect way to prepare yourself for job applications.

The training and location can be in various locations

7. SkillCrush

One of the best things about SkillCrush is learning HTML and CSS and how to code with WordPress. WordPress runs on many sites, and blogs and proficiency in WordPress development could be an excellent way for you to learn the skills in demand. SkillCrush includes more of the visual elements and also a basic introduction to the UX design program.

8. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT is another popular academic setting that offers free coding bootcamps for interested students. MIT Introduction to Computer Science, data science, and Python programming are mainly conducted over recorded lessons. With everyday challenges and puzzles questions to solve at the end of each class. While the MIT setting may not be in the true bootcamp spirit, the course aims to teach you to solve problems using computations to get a job as a web developer.

However, with MIT free coding bootcamps, you will learn to create your programs using Python.

9. Resilient Coders

Resilient Coders is quite similar to Ada Developers Academy, and it is a 20-week free coding bootcamp based in Boston. They aim to introduce more equity to the technology world, and their programs are mainly for young individuals of color without college degrees.

Their core skills are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and multiple tools, frameworks, and libraries. Also, you will be taught soft tech trends to prepare you for job applications. From communication to time management and completing your work for a client during the bootcamp free online classes.

10. School of Code

School of Code is an in-person 16-week bootcamp. School of Code is slightly different from other free coding bootcamps on the list because it is not something you can jump straight into.

You will need to get through an application process, including a recorded video, creating a trial program using Harvard’s CS50 course, as well as an interview before you can sign up for any program on School of Code.

The primary benefit of school of code is that once your application is accepted, there is a fully dedicated bootcamp program where you will learn to code everything about web fundamentals to advance JavaScript, data science, and cloud hosting.

They promise to get you a job as soon as you complete your program with employment partners like Ricoh, Purple Bricks, and The Economist.

Completing a course in a manner of weeks

11. Flatiron School

Flatiron School is another fantastic video-led series of classes that together make up great free coding programs. Flatiron School is based in New York City with nine other locations across the United States like Silicon Valley and San Francisco.

Students learn to code by building basic web and software application development blocks, all broken down into four classes – HTML and CSS, JavaScript, and application programming interface integration (API).

12. App Academy

App Academy teaches coding bootcamps in California, Dallas, and San Francisco and offers a free online course for remote students. Also, their free version is virtual and self-paced. It gives you online access to App Academy’s entire curriculum, including over 1,500 hours of practical coursework, including reading, videos, and projects works.

Also, they offer a 12-week program for the software engineering track that teaches students how to be a full-stack web developer. However, App Academy provides full-time classes in HTML, CSS, React, and JavaScript. This prepares students for front-end development techs and Ruby on Rails and SQL classes to give students back-end development skills.

They also offer 4o hours of online bootcamp prep courses that prepare students for their bootcamp.

With the option to pay

13. Data Science Dojo

Data science offers different kinds of programming that live up to the bootcamp name. Some of the data science dojo courses take less than 120 hours to complete, and their IoT bootcamp (Internet of Things) only takes 48 hours to complete.

Their main curriculum explores the fundamentals of data science. Data Science Dojo alumni can log into recorded bootcamp sessions to learn code to improve their programming skills. Also, Data Science Dojo online learners have the opportunity to receive job placement services.

14. General Assembly 

General Assembly offered full-time courses in software engineering, data science, UX/UI design, and digital marketing. In contrast, their part-time courses include Python programming, product management, visual design, React development, JavaScript, and data analytics.

Also, they offer programs in shorter classes in data analysis, UX/UI design, web design, and more. General Assembly started in New York City and ran programs in over 30 campuses across the globe. They offer varieties of programs, both online and in-person programs, and provide training programs through employers.

15. Hack Reactor

The school boasts over 8,000 alumni with locations in 8 major cities in the US and online. Hack Reactor provides comprehensive software engineering instruction.

In the bootcamp’s three-month online programs, students receive 800 hours of computer science and JavaScript training shaped by the needs of the industry. Also, Hack Reactor host nine months of online training that runs as a part-time program and provides a 12-week bootcamp program that features traditional coding courses and complete software engineering training.

Furthermore, bootcamp campuses are in prominent cities across the United States like Los Angeles, Austin, Francisco, Texas, New York City, and Huston. Their students typically spend their first six weeks learning essential and in-demand developer programming skills that involve full-stack technology. Their career support includes:

  • Job preparation
  • A comprehensive guide to resuming building
  • Essential professional networking of lifelong peers with over 5,500 graduates can use
Changing your career

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