10 New Technology Trends in 2021

August 30, 2021

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The 21st century has been incredible in terms of technological change. Many commercial and prevalent technologies in the early 2000s have completely vanished, and new technologies have taken their place.

Many entirely new technologies have also come up in 2021, particularly in computer science and engineering. These technologies in 2021 are likely to develop further.  

A technological revolution is taking place around the world. Innovation, flexibility (agility), and market development are moving faster by technological advancements.

The pandemic outbreak (COVID-19) accelerated technology and automation, enabling companies like Google to remain resilient even during the pandemic outbreak.

However, several businesses adopted new tech trends and modified their business models. The COVID-19 effect will be felt for a long period, but the digital transition in technology trends will continue.

If your business doesn’t keep up with the new technology trends, you will likely fall behind your competitors and find it increasingly difficult to keep up. Advances in tech will continue to reshape our lives and our business operations, bringing massive business opportunities for businesses worldwide.

If your business doesn’t keep up with the new technology trends, you will likely fall behind your competitors and find it increasingly difficult to keep up

The following are the new technology trends in 2021 to learn and master if you want your business to get an edge in the market:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is continuously developing to attain many capabilities in the corporate world, with more than half (54%) of financial services firms in the industry planning to increase their investment in artificial intelligence (AI), according to Next-Gen Tech Survey.

That’s projected to lead to a massive increase in the number of goods and services connected online and woven into the internet of things (IoT) and cloud computing.

There will be growth development in artificial intelligence (AI) platform services you can subscribe to that promise to ease technology uses because they are already configured and up running.

In the coming years, you will see the new technology development of artificial intelligence in allowing good business predictions and industrial automation.

Automation has now become one of the major necessities in most companies. With AI, it becomes easier for you to understand customer trends and behavior.

Automation of human processes improve future service

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the subject of AI, and it’s among the leading technologies in the world. It represents a computer science field in which an algorithm can foresee future trends based on generated data. Machine learning focuses on developing systems that learn or enhance performance based on the data they consume.

Machine learning and artificial learning (AI) require advanced statistical knowledge to help determine the actual results that your algorithm can process for a particular dataset, therefore evolving it further. The process of machine learning apps has meant that the number of jobs in this field has also grown.

Distributed access helps autonomous vehicles

2. Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is a new technology trend, and it’s a form of computing that uses the power of phenomena like quantum entanglement and superposition.

Quantum is the next notable tech trend. Quantum can quickly question track, interpret, and work on data, irrespective of the source. These tech trends also include preventing the spread of pandemic outbreaks and developing potential vaccines.

Quantum computing is now being used in the banking sector as cybersecurity, monitoring credit risk, detecting fraud, and performing high-frequency trading. Quantum is now faster than traditional computers, and popular brands like Honeywell, Microsoft, AWS, and companies are now interested in Quantum computing technology.

It was projected by 2029 that Quantum sales for the global market are expected to reach $2.5 billion, therefore obtaining skills and experience with quantum mechanics, algorithm design, machine learning, probability, and information theory could stand to benefit you greatly to make a remarkable contribution in this new tech trend.

Cloud-computing experiencing high growth

3. Telehealth and Telemedicine

Just like online learning, many institutions in healthcare have switched to virtual communication for basic healthcare needs. Both the private and public healthcare practices have implemented this new technology trend in telehealth service, and it shall continue in years to come.

Some of the services that will boom include doctor-patient video chats, artificial intelligence (AI) diagnostics, and no-contact medication delivery.

Telehealth and telemedicine visits have surged by 50% compared to recent years, and research shows that healthcare’s big data market will reach close to $70 billion in 2025.

However, they also predict advancements in biotech and artificial intelligence to support these virtual diagnosis and service admin tasks in this field.

Cloud-computing experiencing high growth

4. Edge Computing

Edge computing is a new technology trend that ensures low latency and high-speed data processes. Edge computing enables computations to be done on data storage systems, enhancing application performance.

Edge computing aims to run little processes in the cloud and transfer data to where it is needed, such as the user’s computer or an edge server. Edge computing is similar to cloud computing unless the data is not stored in a centralized respiratory.

It has great apps in the IoT (Internet of Things) and enables data to remain at the edge of the cloud and the device for processing to monitor commands in a smaller period. Its jobs have only begun to develop with the Internet of Things devices proliferation in recent years.

Thus, as the number of these devices continues to increase, their roles are more likely to become more relevant and lucrative, standing firmly among the top technology trends to follow in 2021 closely.

Thus, edge computing is typically used to handle time-sensitive data stored in remote areas with minimal access to a central location.

Vehicles access real time data

5. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have been technology buzzwords for more than 10 years. Virtual reality and augmented reality are top technology trends that have failed to materialize into broadly consumer products so far.

Their presence among businesses is minimal, even though virtual reality and augmented reality have been familiar in the industry; they are still considered top technology trends to follow in 2021.

Virtual reality has begun to find its place in training programs over the past few years. Another domain where VR experiences have been useful is in providing experiences to museums.

The trajectory of this new technology is quite similar to that of 3D technology, and it might take a single app similar to the effect that 3D had on cinema for the technology to become a mainstream technology trend.

Virtual reality jobs do not require much training; simple coding language skills should be enough to land good jobs, alongside an interest in the field and the power of visualization.

Using virtual reality to help with work

6. Blockchain

Blockchain is another mainstream technology trend that individuals believe is all about digital currency, but this is not the case. Cryptocurrencies such as Etherum, Bitcoin, Binance, and lots more are just part of Blockchain technology.

Aside from Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain uses different fields like e-Commerce, online supply chain management, marketing and advertising, and lots more.

Blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger technology that keeps track of any transaction through a global network of computers. Many businesses are using Blockchain platforms to develop their top-level business strategies.

In addition, distributed Finance is the latest development in the banking sector driven by Blockchain, ensuring transparency in digital transactions without compromising security.

A bitcoin cryptocurrency

7. 5G, Improved Connectivity & Infrastructure

If there is a single tech, the knowledge of which is still little, it is the 5G network. 5G network is a new technology for which companies and governments worldwide have spent many years expecting a rollout and to achieve an appropriate amount of success.

Since 5G internet technology is currently a trend tech, it is available only to a limited extent and is still relatively costly. The number of compatible devices with a 5G network is still not high, though most phones have 5G network compatibility.

It has much greater capacity than the current network (4G) technology and improved connectivity and reliability. However, if you are using two mobile devices, 5G network will probably connect to these mobile devices and use them concurrently relevantly easier.

During the 5G network tech development stage, the network jobs were very few, and most such jobs were allocated to employees within the company.

However, companies have started to hire engineers for the past few months, particularly for jobs associated with their 5G technology.

The trends of 5G technology have opened new doors of innovation for businesses and customers. Thus, we can expect to see many opportunities around this new technology trend and its subsequent implementation.

Also, it can be a turning point for the telecommunication industry, and its benefits can be seen across other industries around the world.

Cell towers against a blue sky

8. Remote Working and Videoconferencing

When discussing the new technology trends of 2021, it is impossible to ignore the elephant in the room. The global pandemic outbreak (COVID-19) has changed almost everything in the world, including high-tech.

While in recent times, things such as digital transformation and business reshaping seemed to be buzzwords, but with COVID 19 spreading quickly it turned these concepts into necessities of life. The coming years will continue to see technological acceleration trends forced by the pandemic.

However, digital products and internet coverage will become more accessible in years to come with remote working and video conferencing. Sectors like commerce, business management, and more are getting more familiar with this new technology trend.

Using video to communicate across the web

digital products and internet coverage will become more accessible in years to come with remote working and video conferencing. Sectors like commerce, business management, and more are getting more familiar with this new technology trend.

9. CyberSecurity

Cyber-security is another technology trend, and a key technology to keep an eye on. The increasing volume of data due to the adoption of AI, machine learning, IoT, and some other digital technologies has put data security at constant risk of an attack.

Hackers are always looking for opportunities to grab vital data of companies, including customer and employee details and citizen data from governments record to transact them in the black market or hold to ransom.

However, cybersecurity will continue to be a trending technology since it will always evolve to protect its critical data against cybercriminals.

As proof of the strong demand for cyber-security experts, many cybersecurity jobs are developing faster than other technical jobs.

A laptop with the words cyber security

10. The Internet of Things (IoT) & Cloud Computing

IoT is a 21st-century technology that has much potential. The Internet of Things represents a way of sharing vital information via connected devices. For example, mobile to a computer device. Today, this connectivity has developed at a massive scale as connected devices increase.

For example, from refrigerator and kitchen appliances to cars and industrial machinery – things are now getting more connected on a global scale, assisting individuals and companies in sharing vital information faster and seamlessly.

a router that gives computers access to the internet of things

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has every means to assist business operations to continue to operate from anywhere globally and enable their employees to maintain global supply chain management and present new working models that could be implemented within a short period.

The pandemic outbreak in several ways reinforces the value and significance of cloud computing to those who were not already aware of this technology trend.

With the increase in demand, the sales revenue for leading cloud-based firms such as Google, Google Cloud, Alibaba, and Azure is expected to grow more in years to come.

Research shows that at the end of 2021, 60% of companies will leverage containers on the public cloud, while 25% of software developers will become serverless. However, cloud-native technology will by no doubt fuel most of the digital transformation strategies.

Technologies like AI, IoT, cloud computing, machine learning, and others that involve processing a large amount of data in real-time will benefit from introducing DC (distributed cloud) technology.


Technology is an ever-evolving space. It is essential to be aware of the latest development trends in technology. Companies that fail to meet the pace in technology trends are always at the risk of being far behind their competitors.

The above top technology trends are already taking over our regular activities. Jobs in these technologies and their expertise will be invaluable, and gaining education related to them is bound to assist you considerably in your business over the long term. Choosing and learning the right new technology trend in 2021 will make your business future-proof.

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