Get to Know More About the Sydney Startup Hub: Powering the top startups in Australia

January 13, 2021

Employees, members, and residents of the Sydney Startup Hub powering the top startups in Australia

The top startups in Australia recognize the “Sydney Startup Hub” as a primary venue for launching, developing, and nurturing startups. Created in 2017, it opened to the public in 2018 in a 17,000-square meter area in Sydney’s Central Business District. With a significant investment from the New South Wales government, the hub quickly became popular among incubators, investors, and startups in Australia.

In a little over two years, Sydney Startup Hub has helped established Sydney and New South Wales as the ideal venues for startups. Almost half of Australia’s startups are conceptualized, developed, and launched in the hub. Additionally, it created more than 1,000 jobs and brought in over $200 million in investments.

Inside the Sydney Startup Hub

As the home of the top startups in Australia, Sydney Startup Hub is an inspiration to individuals and organizations hoping to succeed in their innovative ventures. There are two other similar centers – one is located in Paris, France (Station F) and the other one is in Boston, United States (Cambridge Innovation Center).

Sydney Startup Hub has three main objectives:

  • to support, develop, and strengthen the startup ecosystem in Sydney,
  • inspire and encourage diversity in the New South Wales startup community by embracing non-ICT businesses and regional NSW startups, and
  • open up employment opportunities across NSW.

To give you a glimpse of what it’s like to be part of the Sydney Startup Hub, here’s a peak at what’s inside the center.

Spacious and Convenient

The total area is over 17,000 square meters wide. The center has 11 floors and can accommodate approximately 2,500 individuals. It houses conference and meeting rooms, event places, and collab workspaces. The hub also has a Regional Landing Pad. It is where the top startups in Australia converge and collaborate.

Level One

The Level One area is open to NSW entrepreneurs looking for spaces or rooms for their activities and events. The area can accommodate around 150 people and operates five days a week – from Monday to Friday. This is the only area in the center that is open to non-residents.

Some of Level One facilities startupscan use include a lounge area, reception area, community workspace, event spaces, collaborative workspaces, pop-up demonstration area, and a café. Users can avail free Wi-Fi and concierge service. There are also bookable meeting rooms on this level, but these are available for Sydney Startup Hub residents only.

Events can also be held at the theater, which can accommodate 110 persons.

Chat rooms for non-residents are found on Level One, but these are not available for advance booking. Users can use the rooms for only 15 minutes.

Regional Landing Pad is also found on Level One. Among others, it has meeting rooms equipped with state-of-the-art video conferencing facilities.

Regional Landing Pad

The hub acts as a gateway for regional startups and entrepreneurs to the metropolitan market. If a startup based in one of the regional areas visits, the facilities are free to use. Regional businesses that need to set up a temporary office in Sydney can use the pad as well. They can use the space for a maximum of three days.

It is also the ideal venue for metropolitan entrepreneurs and top startups in Australia to meet and collaborate with their regional counterparts. Users are encouraged to book for the space they need in advance to ensure availability.

Facilities available to users include:

  • A conference room that can accommodate up to 12 people
  • An cozy meeting room for three persons
  • Video conferencing and innovation concierge services
  • Dedicated desks

All facilities in Regional Landing Pad are available for short-term use.  

Sydney Startup Hub residents occupy the rest of the floors. Non-residents are not allowed to enter any of these areas.


The lineup of incubators and accelerators housed in Sydney Startup Hub includes some of the top startups in Australia. Here are some of the hub’s initial residents:

  • Stone & Chalk has been in the Australian startup scene since 2015 and has helped over 200 emerging tech startups.
  • Fishburners is the largest startup community in Australia. It has more than 500 startup members all over the country. The community aims to empower startups and entrepreneurs by working with universities, other businesses, and the government through programs, events, and mentorship. It has a virtual platform called The Founders Hub.
  • Microsoft ScaleUp Program is a specialized program for startups focused on developing cloud platforms. It offers technical and marketing support.
  • The Studio is intended for startups centered on transformative entertainment, media, music, education, creatives, games, and other forms of communications and content. It works with respected sponsors and partners through its global network.
  • Caltex C-lab was conceptualized for the Caltex Digital Team. It serves as its platform for creating innovative solutions for the company’s employees and customers.
  • Future Transport Digital Accelerator focuses on creating collaborative transport solutions. It allows startups and innovators to partner with “Transport for NSW” in developing solutions for Future Transport Technology Roadmap.
  • Tank Stream Labs is a co-working space created specifically for technology-focused early adopters, entrepreneurs, and startups. It encourages collaboration and innovation, and aspires to create Australia’s future tech leaders and innovators.
  • Innovation NSW, which operates under the Department of Finance, Services & Innovation (DFSI), collaborates with the private sector and other government agencies. It aims to solve New South Wales’ environmental, social, and economic problems.

Other Sydney Startup Hub tenants include corporate organizations, SMEs, non-ICT-related companies, incubator residents, non-profit & for-profit groups, and established businesses.


The Sydney Startup Hub is a model community for startups anywhere in the world. It plays a critical role in the development and success of startups. It encourages innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration. The top startups in Australia benefit significantly from the hub as it allows them to meet and connect with like-minded technology leaders, advisors, and founders. Any startup incubator or investor, any person with ambition, will find the best of the best in the hub.

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