14 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Web Development to the Philippines

February 28, 2022

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Businesses turn to outsourcing web development Philippines to guarantee that their website meets the industry’s highest standard. It’s long been understood that having a significant digital presence is critical to company success and client satisfaction. Web development is a crucial part of the IT sector. Without specialist attention and support from experienced web developers, it may not compete in a marketplace flooded with similar mobile apps.

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Hopefully, after reading this post, you will choose to outsource your next web development project to the Philippines! This has already been proved, as outsourcing enables feasible and efficient web and mobile app development. However, this blog post details the benefits of outsourcing your web development to the Philippines.

Why Should You Outsource Web Development?

Web development outsourcing allows you to work with skilled web developers using the most cutting-edge technology. A custom software development company takes care of developing an aesthetically appealing, optimized website while you focus on other aspects of your business.

Top web development companies frequently invest in training and other resources to help their software developers acquire the most up-to-date software and technical skills. You won’t have to bother about training in-house developers or supplying them with their needed tools. Also, an outsourced web development agency can provide flexible support hours and ensure project continuity.

Top web development companies frequently invest in training and other resources to help their software developers acquire the most up-to-date software and technical skills.

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This implies that web developer is constantly on the lookout for flaws and improvements even while you’re sleeping. There is no need to be concerned about your website going unmanned during the holidays, and developers are more likely to meet deadlines.

Outsourced developers are more accountable for their errors since they want to keep their clients happy. They assume greater responsibility as a result of this. Finally, when you engage professional web development services as needed, you may choose the precise terms for your relationship.

An Overview of The Philippines’ IT-BPM Sector

The Philippines is a top-tier location for IT-BPM services, and it remains one of the world’s leading providers of IT-BPM services, with voice-related services accounting for 13% of the market share. The country has gone from being a low-cost alternative to offering high-quality services at reasonable costs.

The Philippines is quickly expanding its non-voice BPM and IT services capability to serve a broader client base worldwide while also developing horizontal BPM services in areas like finance and accounting and vertical-focused solutions in the healthcare information sector.

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Despite the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact, the Philippine IT-BPM sector has reached US$26.7 billion in sales in 2020, and there is still potential for the business to reach $29 billion in 2022. Meanwhile, in terms of personnel, the sector expanded by 1.8% between 2019 and 2020, accounting for around 23k full-time equivalents (FTE), bringing the industry headcount to 1.32 million people.

The Everest Group’s recalibration research targets headcount growth of 5% per year and revenue growth of 5.5% per year from 2021 to 2022. In 2021, the Philippines was ranked 18th in the Top 50 Digital Nations, while Manila and Cebu City Philippines were included in the Top 100 Super Cities list at 8th and 52nd, respectively.

Why You Should Outsource Web Development Company In The Philippines

Most of the best web developers in the industry are found in the Philippines. They are one of the world’s leading outsourcing hubs. Outsourcing web service solutions in the Philippines has the following benefits for your business development:

1. Cost-effective

The cost of outsourcing to the Philippines is without a doubt one of the most important reasons why businesses choose to outsource. The cost of labor in the country is significantly lower than that in the United States or Great Britain, not to mention other tertiary expenditures such as office space, legal and HR expenses, up-to-date equipment, taxes, and so forth.

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Business owners may typically save upwards of 60% on costs by outsourcing website development operations to the Philippines.

2. Easy Communication

A project’s success depends on a clear client and outsourcing firm communication regarding requirements and objectives. Filipinos are excellent English speakers, under American rule for approximately 50 years.

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The lengthy history of American bases in the Philippines until 1991 resulted in most Filipinos being educated in the Western style and using English as their primary language. Clients may count on a well-informed decision for a successful output delivery since they have established cultural compatibility and no language barrier.

3. Quality Talented Web Developers

In the case of many business owners, outsourcing web development projects is a concern since they are afraid that it would reduce job performance and quality of work. Fortunately, Filipinos are well-known for their creative design abilities. The Philippines has top web developers who are eager to go above and above for their clients, and they are conscientious about meeting deadlines.

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The BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry has a 2014 employment count of over 75,000 people in the information technology sector. Every year, more professionals enter the workforce after completing specialized programs.

Aside from their vital skill set in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, Filipino web developers are particularly adept at putting user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) ideas into practice. These skills enable them to create attractive websites with a high level of user engagement.

4. Excellent and Reliable Infrastructure and Technologies

This is one of the essential aspects to consider when outsourcing a web development service. Web development involves computer programming and coding work largely dependent on computer technologies and internet connections.

Whether it’s fresh web content, low-cost web design, or boosted network security, the result can only be achieved if your web development company runs on industry-standard IT gear and operates in a secure environment.

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When you hire a company in the Philippines to build web apps, you can be confident that your web developers are using similar tools to those used by the US and other Western professionals. Due to the stable political climate and pro-outsourcing government stance, web development has a high outsourcing success rate in the Philippines.

5. Competitive Technology

Another thing you don’t have to worry about is the expense of adopting technology. The Philippines’ IT businesses are working hard to be globally competitive. This addresses not only the workforce but also the infrastructure. 

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Outsourcing companies in the Philippines ensure that their clients access cutting-edge technology, data security, and internet connection. These are required to guarantee that the outsourcing development company delivers high-quality and large-scale work.

6. Outstanding Client Support

Every website development outsourcing project is a relationship. That’s why, unlike any other country, many entrepreneurs and businesses choose to outsource their web development to the Philippines: Filipinos are courteous, professional, and even eager to go above and beyond to satisfy their clients.

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The charm of their world-famous hospitality, as well as their naturally warm, unique personality, contributes to their appeal and makes them a pleasure to work with over and over again.

7. Three Decades of Outsourcing

The saying “experience is the greatest teacher” is undoubtedly true. The Philippines has a three-decade history of outsourcing. The history began in 1992 when the country’s first contact center was established. Slowly but surely, the business model took great shape.

Due to the increase, the outsourcing custom software development sector in the country has achieved an all-time high standing and is acknowledged as the world’s best outsourcing destination. The Philippine government subsequently entered the picture and backed the BPO sector’s growth. 

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Because it contributes a significant portion to the country’s economy, the government tried to attract more investors by enforcing regulations and policies that would encourage them.

8. Flexible Service Agreements

The most significant advantage of using an IT outsourcing service provider in the Philippines is the flexibility you will gain. This implies that companies may join these providers by selecting either a long-term or short-term agreement.

It’s a no-strings-attached sort of business agreement. It enables a company to see changes in a short time. If they are satisfied with the services, they may renew their contracts.

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This is the perfect business solution for individuals or firms just getting started outsourcing their IT services from a third-party provider. It minimizes the chances of encountering any long-term contract problems.

9. Strong Government Regulations

The BPO sector is a significant economic pillar in the Philippines. Therefore, the Philippine government has done an excellent job of recognizing the potential of the BPO industry and assisting its development by enabling infrastructure and policy creation.

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The country has taken numerous steps to encourage foreign investment, such as partnering with institutions to create a BPO-specific training curriculum establishing TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority).

This government agency provided financial assistance for call center training facilities and implemented a unique voucher system, tax incentives, and SOPs to promote foreign investment.

10. Cultural Influence

The country is one of a few Asian countries with a balanced blend of Southeast Asian and Western influences. Several factors contribute to this, including that the Philippines was a former colony of Spain, Mexico, and the United States throughout its history.

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Hence, most of these people have grown up watching Western media and are influenced by their culture. Filipino culture is also very popular in the US. While it is just a drop in the ocean when compared to other aspects of global pop culture, the fact is that this cultural proximity aids in ensuring that outsourcing works straight out of the box when you work with a web development service provider based in the Philippines.

11. Data Privacy and Security

The Philippine government has played a significant role in ensuring that the BPO sector thrives and expands by passing favorable legislation and rules to assist it. The Philippines data privacy law, which went into effect in 2012, ensures that data protection levels are up to international standards.

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According to the Personal Data Protection Act, there are extensive rules to safeguard sensitive, confidential information from unauthorized access, which has encouraged industries such as healthcare to consider the Philippines as a viable outsourcing location.

12. Less Management Tasks

Choosing to work with outsourcing companies in the Philippines means you have an offshore Human Resources and management team that will assist manage your staff. The Philippines addresses employee attendance, tax concerns, leave reporting, and various other issues.

Additionally, while you have total control over your dedicated team, you may engage a project lead for training and team management. It requires checking on them from time to time or reading reports while you focus on other aspects of your business activities.

13. High-quality Results

According to several independent research publishing companies, the Philippines’ BPO sector consistently ranks top of client satisfaction surveys conducted worldwide. The country has reached 1 million BPO employees in four years by ensuring that the essential requirements are met.

14. Many Talented and A Well-trained Workforce

According to UN statistics in 2019, the Philippines has the most significant literacy rate in Southeast Asia. It also has a large pool of information technology professionals. In the country, education aims to prepare students to be internationally competitive.

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Employers should not have difficulties finding Filipino workers who meet their requirements with that in mind. Working with IT outsourcing firms in the Philippines will not only result in the highest level of work quality. But, also signify a considerable selection of talent acquisition team from which to choose.

The employer’s choices wouldn’t be limited to fewer than five highly qualified employees. The company will have ten or more skilled personnel eager to provide their services.

The Philippines Is The Best Outsourcing Country In Southeast Asia

The Philippines may be an excellent outsourcing location. If you want to visit the country and check out your employees and outsourcing partner’s offices for yourself, there are advanced urban areas, hotels, resorts, and shopping malls.

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The Philippines may be an excellent outsourcing location. If you want to visit the country and check out your employees and outsourcing partner’s offices for yourself, there are advanced urban areas, hotels, resorts, and shopping malls.

You can’t go wrong with trying your offshore operations here, as the economy is projected to take a slow rise to a slow increase in GDP of 4.5% in 2021 and 5.5% growth in the gross domestic product in 2022. The ideal situation is to find an outsourcing firm that can perform your tasks and grant you complete operational control, allowing you to oversee and manage your personnel as needed, and that’s the best you can ever get in the Philippines.

Find out whether your routines have grown so advanced that you need to outsource them, and then it’s time to take advantage of outsourcing where the remote workers think and operate like you.

Conclusion: How Outsourcing Your Web Development To The Philippines Improves Your Business

Outsourcing in the Philippines maybe your greatest opportunity to expand your business this year. Search for an excellent outsourcing partner who will help you reach your goals.

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Find an outsourcing partner that shares your objectives and goals. With a committed team and a supportive government, you’ll be able to use the Philippines to accelerate the development of your business in no time!

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