10 Of The Best Project Management Software To Keep You On Track In 2022

December 31, 2021

project management software

Project managers use project management software to keep track of their projects. A simple project needs a checklist, while more complex projects need proper project planning, assigning tasks, establishing deadlines, ensuring that the entire team follows through, keeping track of time spent, and reporting progress.

If you’re new to project management solutions, it might be challenging to determine which features are essential, beneficial, and worth your time and money. The need to quantify, categorize, separate, and assign tasks effectively and proportionately is critical. That’s where project management tools come in handy. Numerous project management software solutions are available.

The need to quantify, categorize, separate, and assign tasks effectively and proportionately is critical. That’s where project management tools come in handy.

This project management software list is designed to help you find the best project management software for your needs. However, this blog post will explore the best project management software to keep you on track in 2022. This way, you can always make sure that you’re using the latest and greatest project management tools.

Project Management Software

Assuming you’re working on a building project. It’s a complicated procedure with numerous steps that must be completed in a specific order. If you haven’t completed the walls, you won’t install windows. You may have many contractors working on the building project, and you need to know when they can lay the foundation, lay the tile, and so on.

You must then schedule them based not only on their availability but also on each task’s completion in the proper order. The right way to handle it is to use perfect project management software to plan a complicated project like this one, which involves numerous tasks that must be completed by whom and when.

A project management software is a web-based collaborative project management app. The entire project team working on a project logs in and finds out what they are supposed to do and when. The team members may also keep track of their development on specific activities and include pertinent information, such as notes about any changes.

Also, individuals can see what other team members are doing, what requirements must be met for them to do it, and when with the right permission level. The project management software provides a clear picture of the project and its health for the team members in charge of it.

Are all of the tasks on schedule to be finished on time? How do late project tasks affect the planned deadlines for other activities? Is it possible to have a team member that will take over an essential job if the person assigned to do it is indisposed? Furthermore, if the project management application allows tracking finances, it will also inform the project manager or people in charge whether or not the initiative is on track.

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Why Should You Use Project Management Software Tools?

  • Faster collaboration
  • Easier delegation
  • Accurate project tracking
  • Central data storage
  • Seamless communication
  • Quick file-sharing
  • Time tracking
  • Automated invoicing
  • Quick reporting tools

How To Choose The Best Online Project Management Software?

Now that you know the advantage of using internet project software, then you can look at how to choose the best one. Ensure to check whether your preferred software application supports the following features:

  • Advanced feature-set
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Cloud-based access
  • Customizability
  • Security
  • Integrations
  • Cost-effective
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What Can You Do With A Project Management App?

Project management apps help you track projects and manage almost any project, such as developing a new product, constructing a house or website, or launching a digital marketing campaign. Development teams that use project management applications frequently track several projects simultaneously. The benefit of the project management software includes:

The project management tool guides them through determining when to assign tasks in light of when things must get done and the creative teams available to complete them. The most significant project software can detect issues before they arise.

Excellent project management software can sound an alert when a deadline is in danger of slipping before it happens by tracking work progress and individual activities (for example, after six hours of a task that is supposed to take eight hours).

The most effective project management applications also allow automatic project schedule reflow when tasks deviate from their planned path. They create reports that show which team members have too much or not enough work, enabling project managers to track progress and make better decisions.

Invoices can be generated and sent automatically, providing a digital invoice that includes billable hours, which may then be used to send out invoices to clients for time worked.

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List of 10 best project management software in 2022

Here is the top project management software to choose from if you’re looking for a new project management software solution. There are paid and free project management software in the following list and the features available in each plan.

1. Trello

Trello project management app is one of the most popular project management software solutions with built-in collaboration task management tools to help you work with your remote teams. Trello is straightforward, lightweight, and easy to operate.

Trello uses boards, lists, and cards to keep track of things. There are no reporting or time-tracking capabilities. Users may work together in the cards, share files, and drop comments. It’s an excellent idea for people or small teams who work on a few projects at once.


  • The basic plan is entirely free to use, but there are premium plans that provide automation, integrations, higher priority assistance, and more
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2. Asana

Asana is a project management software that emphasizes team collaboration and is available across platforms. It’s simple to use, has different task displays, and includes custom fields and forms. Some procedures take care of recurring tasks. You have the option of inviting unlimited users.

There are also numerous choices for creating personal rules and approval processes. While Asana offers many productivity and collaboration features, it also integrates with other apps to provide specific project management solutions that might not suit all users.

It works well for small and large enterprises, but it’s not ideal for freelancers. Some users claim that Asana’s interface is too primary. The system is too rigid with a user-friendly interface, flexible task management and collaboration tools, and an easy-to-use system.

It offers strong project management and collaboration capabilities. You’ll love Asana if your project management style software fits well with it.


  • There is a free package available for up to 15 users. You may use lists, a calendar, and a Kanban board to keep track and manage projects
  • The Standard and Premium packages are available at $10.99/month per user, with additional features such as timelines, reports, custom fields, and automation rules
  • The business package includes many features such as approvals, project portfolio management solution, rule builders, workload management, and advance integrations that are not available in the other packages. When you pay for a year in advance, the cost is $24.99 per user per month
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3. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a popular Zoho program for project management that allows teams to manage tasks, collaborate, maintain bug tracking, and create simple reports. The online project management software has Gantt charts and can bill for numerous assignments simultaneously.

Zoho Projects comes equipped with many communications tools, including live chat and forum pages. According to several clients, the Gantt charts are difficult to work with, and reporting issues may not be adequate for large teams. You can share files and comments from within the project management software app.

Pricing: Zoho has several subscription options:

  • There’s a free version subscription with limited capabilities and small user limits
  • The Basic plan is $3 per month and offers custom statuses and issue tracking, and it supports up to 10 users
  • The Express plan starts from $4 and supports up to 50 users. Tasks, Gantt chart, and timesheet approvals are some of the features you’ll get from this package
  • The Premium plan starts from $10 per month and enables up to 100 simultaneous users. It’s designed to improve your productivity with features like task automation, business rules, resource usage, and budgeting
  • The Enterprise plan starts from $6 per user and has no limit on the number of users that may be connected. Some of the features accessible in this plan include custom roles, global Gantt charts, and inter-project dependencies
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4. Monday.com

Monday.com is a project management software that provides users with a visually appealing interface and helpful tools to represent their projects graphically. It’s flexible and provides a straightforward method to manage your tasks.

You may also create your boards by utilizing the project templates. Some display choices are accessible, including the map and calendar views. The lack of recurring activities is one of the most prevalent causes of customer dissatisfaction.

Some users find the mobile app to be difficult to use. They also provide excellent security, robust functions, workflow automation, and straightforward customization.


  • The pricing system is too complicated. There isn’t any freemium plan, and you’ll have to spend time studying the number of users, automation, and integration activities you’ll need every month. For five users, the starting cost for a monthly subscription is $39.
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5. Wrike

Wrike is a cloud-based customizable project management software solution that helps you organize your projects, track your workers’ productivity, and keep track of deadlines. It has a lot of sophisticated functions, such as project management, Gantt Chart, a real-time newsfeed, and more. You may set priorities to ensure that crucial tasks get done and deadlines are met.

It also has many integration choices, making it a vital project management tool. The sheer number of features might be intimidating for most new users, and the unhelpful UI isn’t much assistance. It’s great for various departments, including marketing, software development, and professional services.


  • There’s a free plan with restricted features and up to five users.
  • Paid subscriptions start at $9.80 per user per month. It has all the required features you’d expect in a project management software solution, such as subtasks, Gantt chart, time tracking, and workflows.
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6. ProofHub

ProofHub offers a single interface where users can manage their projects in one place. It includes task lists, workflows, Gantt charts, chat rooms, calendars, and documents.

It enables you to plan, organize, and track your project’s activities. Teams can freely communicate and work with external clients due to this easy connection. There are various reports like workload and resource reporting.

ProofHub’s minimalism is exemplified because it has just a few integrations and minor task management features. It’s beneficial to both freelancers and companies of all sizes.


  • There is no restriction to the number of users with ProofHub, and the cost is consistent regardless of the number of users
  • There are two subscription packages: The Essential package costs $50 per month, while the Ultimate Control package is $99 per month
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7. Kanban Tool

The Kanban Tool is an excellent place to start with agile development. It allows you to see how your process works and time-tracking capabilities. It makes collaborating and tracking tasks easy with features like notifications, reporting, and team management.

It offers reporting, document sharing, and a native mobile app perfect for medium and large enterprises. Thanks to its cloud-based nature, users using the Kanban project management tool can also run it onsite.


  • It’s not ideal for freelancers, but there is a free plan for up to two users and two project boards
  • Paid plans begin at $5 per user per month and cover an infinite number of boards
  • The Enterprise plan, which is $9 per user per month, offers more sophisticated features like time tracking, reporting, user management, and professional services automation
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8. Paymo

Paymo is a cloud-based project management solution for small companies that bills itself as “the first real-time invoicing software.”

It has task management, planning, scheduling, team collaboration, invoicing, and time tracking features. It allows the project manager to keep track of project progress without using and paying for numerous project management tools.


  • The annual subscription plans provide you with extra months of service
  • When you sign up for the Small Office plan, you’ll be charged $9.95/per user/month if you pay for it yearly
  • The business plan costs $15.79 per user per month when you subscribe for a year
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9. Teamwork

Teamwork is a project management system that uses the Kanban methodology. It offers superior reporting capabilities than Trello within a comparable drag-and-drop interface. It enables you to create brand accounts with custom company names. Also, It allows you to deactivate features for particular projects.


  • Freemium package allows for five users and provides 100 MB of data storage
  • Pro package costs $10/user/month
  • The premium package costs $18/user/month when billed yearly
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10. Airtable

Airtable is a project management solution that combines the best features of spreadsheets and databases. It’s user-friendly and easy to operate, and it works well for companies of all sizes. But lacks comprehensive reporting capabilities, which makes it inconvenient for some users.

You may keep records in the database that can be used for project management and task management. Airtable’s spreadsheets provide a lot of flexibility regarding data organization. There are several layouts to choose from, including Kanban, list, grid, and calendar.


  • Airtable provides a free package with limited functionality, such as rich field types, multiple views, and collaboration
  • Paid plans start at $10/user/month for companies with higher data storage requirements
  • Paid packages begin at $10 per user per month for companies with big data storage requirements
  • Pro package provides more advanced features, such as branded forms, customized views, and domain-restricted sharing
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Choosing What Is Best For Your Team

It might take some time to choose a good project management software, but it’s worth it to get it right before adopting it across your team. The initial cost of setting up project management tools is usually high.

Even when they’re simple to master and allow you to bring data in, fine-tuning the project management tool to accomplish what you need is time-consuming and getting everyone on board with it.

It might take some time to choose a good project management software, but it’s worth it to get it right before adopting it across your team.

There are several great choices for every budget. However, it’s essential to think about your team’s work, how many people are in the team, and how you want to run your project while choosing which project management software to use. People may collaborate more effectively on project work when selecting the right project management software.

Additionally, business owners and project managers may get crucial information on how their teams operate, whether projects are progressing as planned, and how to bring them back to a successful conclusion when they fall behind.

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Final Thoughts

Over time, business demands are also changing. It’s critical to keep up with the demands of your company and how technology might assist you in achieving success. Take your time to determine if you’ll need an invoicing solution, comprehensive project management software, or a holistic view of projects and procedures in one place.

Finally, the above list will aid you in making your decision and provide a selection of top project management applications to consider in 2022.

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